Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Ed McBain's 'Til Death - Episode 9, Bonus: McBain's McTime McChine

Hark! It's the 87th Precinct Podcast Bonus Episode!

Good grief! We go on quite the journey in our bonus episode. Morgan tells us all about the intriguing CAPTAIN VIDEO, Paul finally reveals the link between the worlds of Ed McBain and the 'Carry On...' films and Stevo recalls the Many Masterminds of our youth. Oh, and there's the usual book cover comparisons, a light book huffing and the lizard prophecies of David Icke for your entertainment too.

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Friday, 15 September 2017

We Are Cult - Podcast Of The Week


We've very kindly been featured as Podcast of The Week on "We Are Cult" - a great magazine looking at all things Cult/Pop Culture. There's a Q&A about the podcast for you to read, setting out our stall and looking at why we're doing this. Have a look, share the article and enjoy We Are Cult!

Link to Article

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Ed McBain's 'Til Death - Episode 9: Simultaneous Slush Pump Discharge

**Hark! It's the 87th Precinct Podcast!**

McBain's Matrimonal Madness as told through the story of Det. Steve Carella's Sister's Wedding in 'Til Death (1959). Funnily enough, the wedding does not go smoothly.

Along the way we discover what the official units of measurement will be post-Brexit, hear a true-crime tale of wedding misfortune and become obsessed with nicknames for trombones. Please rate & review us wherever you listen! See you next time for "King's Ransom"!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Unusual Editions Spotted In The Wild

There's certainly a few seemingly anomalous editions of McBain books knocking about - some strange combos of 87th Precinct novels from different eras in one volume, for instance. Today I stumbled upon the following hardback:

This is the rather bizarre combination of a 1987's "Puss In Boots" - not an 87th Precinct mystery, but the seventh of the Matthew Hope novels (Hope, McBain's Florida-based lawyer does come into contact with the 87th Precinct in his final outing, The Last Best Hope in '98.) - and 1958's "Lady Killer" which we reviewed on this podcast

The cover of this hardback, published in 1988 by Guild Publishing, is certainly of its time - nice stark, nearly neon, lettering and a cover that probably has some resemblance to the plot of the Matthew Hope novel, but not at all to the 87th Precinct story. 

If you're desperate to experience this dual-book curiosity yourself, then I spotted it the British Heart Foundation charity shop on Bold Street, Liverpool. Don't all rush at once. 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

For Illustrative Purposes - Killer's Wedge

Here, as discussed in the bonus episode, are the covers of the editions of Killer's Wedge that we have. Left to Right, Paul's copy is the 1978 Penguin Edition, Stevo's is the 1979 Penguin and Morgan's is the 2007 Allison and Busby edition (featuring shattered glass, which in no way relates to the story).

Earlier editions focused, quite reasonably, on the most important non-cop character, Virginia Dodge, although the difference between her portrayal on the original hardback (L) and the paperback (R) perhaps tells you something about the different approaches/markets the editions were aimed at!

And at least one edition (Signet) doesn't bother to play with the main-plot at all, but goes straight in for a spoiler about Carella's discovery/showdown/fistfight from his B-Plot "Locked Room" mystery:

Still, they're all better than the currently available Thomas and Mercer edition (Amazon), to the extent I'm not even going to link to the image. Remember - buy second-hand! Support independent booksellers! Enjoy the thrill of the book hunt!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Hark! It's the 87th Precinct Podcast Bonus Episode!
Hello and welcome to the sound of three men comparing the letter 'r' for your listening pleasure! In this episode we follow up on the last episode discovery of artist Theo Ramos's name in Stevo's book (have a look at for some examples of his work) and we take a further look at the 87th Precinct TV episode, Lady In Waiting (2 October '61), and revel in the intense eye-acting work of Constance Ford. Also, if you're not from the UK and you've never heard of Art Attack, How? or Neil Buchanan's "Marseille" - don't worry about it. You're probably better off.
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Monday, 14 August 2017

La Soupe Aux Poulets (1963)

La Soupe Aux Poulets ('63) ("Chicken Soup") was a French film adaptation of Ed McBain's Killer's Wedge ('59) - The posters look like paperback crime novel covers, with hints of French New Wave cinema added in.